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About us

Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales, Zhengzhou Feltweave Co..Ltd. is specialized in the production of paper machine clothing and industrial building material making felt since 1986. It is situated in the southwest of Zhengzhou,20 Km far away from Zhengzhou and close to the biggest airport and high speed rail station in central China. With sophisticated equipments,advanced technics and complete test system, it has mature design,manufacture experience, continue development ability in high quality fabrics for high speed paper-making machine and felts for i...


Featured Product

  • single layer

    single layer

    Single Layer BOM Felt is made up of single base layer fabric and fiber layer. Base layer is woven from single strand or multistrand heald. Structure is designed base on different paper machine,different press...

  • 1+1 layer

    1+1 layer

    Consisted of two different thickness of base material. Both of these base materials can be changed to different construction and sizes to suit requirement of different PM to produce high-grade printing paper,...

  • 1+1 layer

    1+1 layer

    Process high quality properties such as high-press resistance, good flexibility,good permeability, good size stability. Applying to many kinds of press like groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press,large...

  • 2+1 layer

    2+1 layer

    Triple layer BOM felt includes 1+2, 2+1 and 1+1+1 composite BOM felt. These felts can be applied to more than 200kN/m linear pressure and possess good flexibility; good permeability and can effectively eliminat...

  • single layer

    single layer

    Good properties such as low compressibility, easy to wash, long service life etc. Used in building material making.The felt is used for fiber cement corrguated roofing sheets, asbestos or non asbestos corrguate...

  • 2+1 layer

    2+1 layer

    Applied for press by suction preloading roll and blind hole nip roll, double blind hole nip roll to produce newsprint, write paper,pulp sheet,etc.Paper machine:1760、2640、2800、3200、3600、3800Speed: less than 100m...

  • 4-shed single layer

    4-shed single layer

    4-shed single layer used for common fourdrinier machine to produce stationery paper, printing paper, packing paper.

  •  16-shed double and a half layer

    16-shed double and a half layer

    for middle and high speed paper machine to producing quality printing and tissue paper 8-shed two and a half layer ...

  • 20-shed triple layer

    20-shed triple layer

    for high speed paper machine making high quality printing paper, yoshire paper,etc. 20-shed triple layer Multi-shed three-layer formin...

  •  3 shed one and a half layer

    3 shed one and a half layer

    3 shed one and a half layer used on the drying section of paper machine to dry culture paper, calendered printing paper, offset printing paper,fruit bag paper with grammage of less tha...

  • 4-shed double layer

    4-shed double layer

    4-shed double layer used on the dry section of paper machine to dry culture paper, printing and writing paper, packing cardboard and corrugated paper with ...

  • spiral dryer fabric

    spiral dryer fabric

    spiral dryer fabric used on the dry section of paper machine to dry packing paper, culture paper and cardboard with...

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